June 23, 2017

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Navajo Nation Truck Roping

Location: Window Rock, AZ

Thursday, Sept 5th: Enter at 8A and Rope at 9A. 
  - OPEN DRAWPOT: $30/roper, enter 4x, Limited to 1st 200 Teams. Books close for Truck Roping at 11a.
  - #10 TRUCK ROPING: Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 for $150/roper. Enter 6x for a total of 18 runs, capped at an elite #5. If Truck Roping is not finished by 9p Thursday it will continue at 9a Friday morning.

Friday, Sept 6th: Enter at 9A and Rope at 10A. Truck Roping at 9A if necessary.
  - LADIES BREAKAWAY: 4 Calves for $150/roper. Limited to 40 Ropers.

Saturday, Sept 7th: Enter at 1P and Rope at 2P.
  - #4 & UNDER SADDLE ROPING: Pick 1, draw 2 or draw all 3 for $100/roper, enter 3x. Saddle to 1st in Avergae. Cash paid out according to number of teams.

Saturday NIGHT: Enter at 5P and Rope at 6P.
  - OPEN ROPING: $75/roper. 6-steer. enter 4x.

TRIAD numbers only. Current USTRC Cards Required. Cash or credit cards only. Appropriate cut-off times and handicaps TBA.

SD Cattel Co, 801/599-1238

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