May 29, 2015

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Thursday, September 05, 2013

Navajo Nation Truck Roping (Rodeo & Equestrian)
Location: Window Rock, AZ

2013 Dodge 4x4 3/4 Ton 4-Door Diesel Truck to High Point Roper of Truck Roping. *Truck guaranteed no matter number of teams*


Additional Information

Navajo Nation Rual Addressing Training (Training & Work Sessions)
Location: Pinon Unified School Dist. Conference Room #74

We wish to see Chapter Leaders, School Transportation, CLUPC Members and Local community.

White Rock Chapter Planning (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: White Rock Chapter House

District 8 Grazing Meeting (Agriculture/Livestock)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Chilchinbeto Chapter

Becenti Chapter Planning Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Becenti Chapter House

Ramah Navajo Chapter Planning Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Ramah Navajo Chapter

NN Board of Election Supervisors Regular Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Quality Inn Office Complex, Conference Rm. #107,W.R.,Az.

Agenda items will consist of certification of elections, receiving reports of election activities.

Baahaali CLUPC Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 9:00 AMLocation: Baahaali Chapter House

Houck Chapter Planning Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 10:00 AMLocation: Houck Chapter

Smith Lake NHA Housing Meeting (General Services)
Time: 2:00 PMLocation: Smith Lake Housing

North and South Sub-Division. All Occupants- Please Attend..

Tsidi To'ii CLUPC Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 4:00 PMLocation: Tsidi To'ii Chapter House

Ganado Veterans Organization Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 4:30 PMLocation: Ganado Chapter House

Veterans Meeting/Tselani-Cottonwood Chapter (Meeting)
Time: 6:00 PMLocation: Tselani/Cottonwood Chapter House

Aneth Chapter Planning Meeting (Meeting)
Time: 7:00 PMLocation: Aneth Chapter House

Open Casting Call (Public Event)
Time: 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM
Location: Window Rock, AZ

Open casting call. Searching for Natives of all body types, ages & genders for a National campaign against the spread of HIV and reducing anti-HIV stigma in Native communities. Professional photographer will be taking headshots & video testimonials. Located at the event tent at Arts & Crafts in Window Rock, AZ. Contact NAN, Inc. at 928-674-5676 or 505-863-9929 for more information.

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