May 28, 2017

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St. Patrick's Day

Who says St. Patrick's Day is only for Irish? We've asked around and found that many people, Irish or not, celebrate the day in several ways. Here are some of the ideas you can do alone or with your kids, families, and friends.

  • Send a greeting card - A simple and easy way to say "Happy St. Patrick's Day!" Don't forget to sign your last name with an O’ in front of it!
  • Wear green - Avoid the pinching leprechauns and wear green to school or to the office. Whether it's your favorite green spring dress for the ladies or a stylish emerald green tie for the guys, dressing up can be fun. Try dressing green from head to toe - shoes, pants, shirt, and a hat!
  • Throw a party - The sky is the limit with party ideas. A local party store is sure to have a well rounded stock of Green and Gold party supplies. Party games can be as simple as treasure hunts, bingo, and more!
  • Green Food Challenge - Eating leafy greens can be a healthy way to celebrate the day, why not make it more challenging or fun by seeking alternate greens, such as guacamole, green bean casserole, green jello, lime sorbet, even green beer! Whatever you decide remember to portion size and drink plenty of water.
  • Four leaf clover hunt - Take the family on an outdoor adventure! Whether it's a drive to the mountains, park, or in the backyard, a four leaf clover hunt can be fun for the entire family. Visiting a nursery with real clovers can be an educational trip for the kids too!
  • Irish Music - download a couple tracks, take it with you to the St. Patrick's Day party, and find out who has the best Leprechaun dance moves. Buy a couple of prizes and make it a dance contest!
  • Decorate - Be the envy of the neighborhood or office with green decorations. Easily stay within your budget by using your green christmas lights or use green balloons and streamers! Make it a family event and let the kids decorate shamprocks, leprachauns, pots of gold and rainbows.
  • St. Patty's Day Parade - Some big cities like New York and Chicago have grand parades, if it's in the budget, make the trip. If not, you can always watch on television or if you’re really feeling the St. Patty’s spirit, you could take that trip to Ireland.
  • Wear a “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” button - You see these buttons all the time at the local dollar store. Why not wear one, it's only for the day and like I said, everyone can celebrate, even if you’re not Irish!


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